Accidents - Injuries - DUI/Criminal Defense - Family Issues

Accidents and Injuries / Insurance Claims


Auto Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Slip and Fall

Abuse Victim

House Fires

Water Damage

Mold Issues

Our office does not charge a fee on personal injury claims unless we help you obtain a recovery.  This is known as a contingent fee.  Our fee is contingent upon your recovery from the insurance company or person who caused you harm.

Injuries and other damages caused by an accident can harm your life and drain your financial resources.   Insurance companies are in business to make money and don't always have your best interests in mind when making their business decision whether to pay your claim.  Being knowledgeable and prepared when communicating with insurance companies can increase your recovery for your losses caused by an accident.  We fight for the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies decide whether or not to pay  insurance claims.  They hire attorneys to defend your claims.  Even the playing field by hiring your attorney to represent your interests. 

DUI and Criminal Defense/Expungements



Driving Under the Influence (DUI-DWI) of alcohol or other intoxicating substance is a serious charge. that can result in having to pay a hefty fine, your driver's license can be suspended and mandatory jail time.  In addition, you could be required to pay for a chemical dependency assessment and recommended treatment.  Some countries may not allow you to travel to their country if you have a DUI conviction on your record.  It is possible a judge will require you to perform, at your expense, frequent sobriety testing and may require a device in your vehicle that tests your sobriety prior to you driving.  With more than one DUI on your record, you will face even more severe consequences.  Hire your DUI attorney to help the odds against conviction move in your favor.

 Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony,  The quicker you get in front of the charge, the more likely you get a favorable result.  Set yourself up for the best possible outcome for your case by acting quickly and call our 24-hour number. 

Family Matters





Estate Planning




Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Ante-Nuptial (post-nuptial) Agreements


Separation Agreements

Child Custody

Child Visitation

Child Support 

Spousal Support

Property Distribution

Protect your family's assets or relieve some pressure by hiring an attorney to deal with the legal side of things.  Let us take care of business while you work through the stress  and grief that family issues can bring. 

Misdemeanor Expungement


 VanEngen Law Office, P.C. can help you obtain a Court Order to expunge your misdemeanor criminal record in Montana if you meet certain criteria.  Call today to see if you qualify. 

Workers' Compensation



We do not charge a fee on workers' compensation claims unless we help you obtain a recovery.  This is known as a contingent fee.  Our fee is contingent upon your recovery from the insurance company or employer.

Being injured at work can wreak havoc in your life.  Missed work and medical care to treat your injuries can drain your emotions and your finances.    VanEngen Law Office, P.C. is experienced helping injured workers' to get the benefits they are entitled to from workers' compensation insurers.  

Disability Claims




Applying for and obtaining Social Security disability benefits or supplemental security benefits can be an difficult process.  Our fee is paid out of your social security award.

VanEngen Law Office, P.C. can also assist you in your claim for short-term disability and long-term disability insurance benefits.